Sunday, December 21, 2008

Define or be defined.

It's on like Donkey Kong bitches!

A Man out of Time. I like.


dennisn said...

Let me try a different approach:

You, Warren, and "your" party all believe that government coercion is (sometimes) legitimate ("for the greater good".) In this article of his, he doesn't even give a second thought to his statement: "Canada now requires thoughtful government intervention in the economy". Well, no. You, Warren and "your" party believe so. It is your ideology. Many others don't. My ideology, and that of many others, is individual freedom (as long as we don't bother anyone else.)

The real difference between me and you, is what we do with those who disagree with our ideologies. You force them to submit and follow you. I allow them to believe and follow whatever they feel like.

Do you ever give a second thought to the problem of forcing unwilling people to do whatever you want? (That's my biggest problem with socialists. Their intentions and respectable. Their implementations are evil and detestable.)

Anonymous said...

Liberals can delude themselves all they want, but Professor Puffin is already fairing worse than many Conservatives even expected. Iggy hasn't a chance, except to make sure just enough MP's are absent when the budget is voted on.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice and smart if the CPC trolls would learn about our parliamentary system, the rules, etc.

Why - because Harper is misleading those he feels are stupid. You like Harper treating you like you're stupid?

Anonymous said...

Abstention forty three times, you Liberals will continue with the same B.S. bluster then either sit on your hands or not show up at all, too broke to go to the polls without your taxpayer funded entitlements.
Guess what is still going to be in the budget?

And do you really think that the GG will willingly give up her entitlements in order to create a crisis the likes of which this country has never before seen?

Keep on drinking that Kool Aid and deluding yourselves. Now what about that $54 Billion your heroes Chretien and Martin stole from Canadian workers, EI fund, in order to balance the budget?

Your days are numbered, with the economy slowing who is going to donate to the Liberals?

You're toast on a dock with seagulls in abundance and there is nothing that "Professor Puffin" can do about it.

dennisn said...

Just to clarify, I'm not a "CPC troll". I don't particularly like the Conservatives; though I definitely hate coercive state-socialists.

And it would be more nice and smart if everyone understood what "the right to life" actually means. And then stopped ignorantly violating it. (I would be less outraged if you violated it knowingly and maliciously.)