Monday, December 22, 2008

Mike Duffy Live.. until 75

But he doesn't really have to show up that often. Get it - it's a Senate joke. Excuse me while I adjust my glasses.


This is from an article written after Dion did less than famously in the last election.

"And the press, with the Aspers' National Post and Mike Duffy's Countdown on CTV leading the pack, gave Harper and the Conservatives nearly unlimited access to their audiences to disseminate the Conservative message, as The Tyee reported in March 2007."

Fast forward to 22/12/2008 and we have this: Duffy, Wallin, Greene among 18 new Senators

And to all you con-trolls who are going to come and say the Libs appointed 2 journalists as GG. True - but GG's have very little above a ceremonial role as evidenced by this month's goings on (she had no legitimacy to do otherwise). This means they can keep their supposed neutrality throughout and after their journalistic careers. In Duffy's case, someone who likely applied for such a post or at least did some serious unofficial lobbying can't have been that neutral to begin with if he's so quick to jump on the CPC bandwagon just two months after the election.

But I guess only the losers complain.


Prairie Kid said...

Allow me to be one of those "con-trolls".

Why don't you check the current Senators and who appointed them and what their affiliation is.

Jim Munson - Liberal - Past CBC journalist.

Marie-P Poulin - Liberal - Past Vice President of the CBC.

I guess you never bothered to check the Senate roster.

m5slib said...

Well first get your facts straight.. Jim Munson was from CTV, not CBC. The difference is that neither he nor Poulin came from journalism directly to the Senate. Especially not covering an election and then getting appointed 2 months later. Munson was Chretien's communications director, and his work in Journalism was mostly foreign stuff. Poulin was a deputy minister prior to being appointed, and even her role as CBC VP didn't have much editorial work in it. So like you said, you are being a con-troll.

MERBOY said...

I don't think it's so much the fact that Mike Duffy was a journalist when he was appointed... it's more that he hosted a national show focused on politics that arguably had a large impact on the election we just had when he decided to air Dion's flubbed interview with CTV Atlantic.

DavidA said...

Oh C'mon! Dion was a washed up joke before that interview aired, Duffy didn't do him in.

And the Liberals appointment train went in the other direction, that is, from caucus to cbc.

MERBOY said...

DavidA said...

"Oh C'mon! Dion was a washed up joke before that interview aired, Duffy didn't do him in."

So the huge drop in the polls that happened right after... coincidence?