Monday, June 16, 2008


It's not the final story yet, but here I suggested these conservative ads, might not be as effective as they could have. The hill times new poll shows that they've been preaching to the choir a bit.

Still, don't underestimate Harper and rush to the polls. They have a big "chest" that they will huff and puff.. So Dion needs to work really hard and come with a good plan re: the carbon tax. It's a big risk, but he can win on this plan. He could also lose on this plan, but for the first time I think he has an issue where he can go toe to toe with Harper. Of course, it just be all the lighting and thunder lately that's messing with my thoughts. Snarfer.


I just turned on Don Newman's show and they're talking about the story today where Mr. Couillard said she wouldn't appear in an inquiry. I call BS. This is a woman who's been smeared and she's fighting back. This woman's been around organized crime top guns and politicians, not exactly the most sheepish of people, so I definitely think she knows what she's doing. Did the Tories do something to really piss her off? Maybe, maybe not. Well hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as my grade 9 english teacher told me, and she's been scorned left right, and right. By her holding out it builds a story of her not coming. Then there will be the rumours of her possible coming, and finally when she does come, it will be so anticipated that everyone will listen to what she has to say. If she wants to be heard, she's gonna make sure everyone listens. Not bad Ms. Couillard.

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