Thursday, October 2, 2008

English Debate.. game changer, it's over!

Well not really!

I thought Paikin did a great job as the moderator first of all.

About the rest... well I think the French debate was more enjoyable to be honest. In terms of the leaders, well Harper did better here than in the French debate but he certainly can't call victory -- partly due to the format, but still because he seemed uncomfortable at times, and he didn't put enough forward.

In terms of Dion, I think he is a slow starter in these things. He seemed a little bit nervous at the start, but he became really comfortable and gave the performance (less the language barrier) that Mr. Harper would have liked to give: he became more and more poised, he didn't engage in too many attacks, and he stayed on his message. His one negative point I think is when he got kind of mad and called Harper a liar and then said ok I know the game you're playing. Some people might call that passion, but it might not have come across perfectly. He did recover in the rest of the answer though.

Layton did very well. He attacked, attacked, attacked but that's typical Layton. Compared to Dion and Harper though, he didn't really make his case for Prime Minister, but he did make some good points.

May.. well this was her shining moment I think. She attacked, but she also gave clear detailed answers. She might have even helped Dion in explaining the whole Green Shift concept. Seriously though, when she spoke Harper looked scared. If she were the leader of a major party, that party would likely have the clear momentum toward victory.

In the end, I sincerely think every party can claim victory for this. May owned the english, Duceppe was great in the french debate, Layton was able in both, Harper rebounded from an atrocious french debate, and Dion followed up a superb french debate with a B+ english debate. The last thing I can say about Dion though is that most people expected a D or an F performance from him over these two nights, and he likely ended up with a conglomerate A- (probably the best combined score).


red and proud said...

Paikin was dreadful. He was not a moderator, he was a participant. And not a very good one. He interrupted Dion a number of times, once to falsely claim that the Ontario premier and finance minister had slammed the Green Shift plan.

dennisn said...

Agreed. (Both about m5slib's analysis and Paikin's dreadfulness :P (He had almost no control over them. But deep down, he's a good guy ;).))

I feel really bad for Harper. His roots are libertarian, and he is being forced to take /really/ socialist (read: evil) positions. Sad times.

In the end though, you can have the "best" debater in the world--but if your policies are evil--it DOES NOT MATTER! :). Seriously.

m5slib said...

dennis.. u never agree with me. what's happening? april 1st is like 6 months away..